30 September 2012

Dead tired

Fuuhhh, what a day today. Non-stop activities from morning till night, and mostly spent at my future-in-laws house.

The day started by accompanying my girlfriend to service her car and braces. Afternoon onwards, I was helping them with the preparations (although I was suppose to be a cameraman only haha). Then the main event at 4pm, took pictures till 8pm haha.

Everyone was dead tired by then, same goes to me. Waved goodbye to them and the parents. At least I have done what I planned earlier during the event, discussed my plans with the parents huhu. Insya-Allah.

For now, bed timeeeeee. As a parting gift for now, below was the birthday cake for the event:

Yes, believe your eyes, it was the princess from the Beauty and The Beast by Disney, cake haha


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