27 October 2012

Ayoi's Birthday Photoshoot

As I promised earlier, below will be the photo collections that taken by me during the recent photoshoot on my sweetheart's niece birthday party on 29th Semptember 2012.

The day started early since my sweetheart and I got a few things to do. We had to:
1) Serviced her car to the nearest proton service centre
2) 'Serviced' her tooth braces by visiting the dentist

Kinda arrived at her parent's house late, she was pissed with me :p Moving on, moving on.

During the car servicing, I had to let the mechanic knows about her tyres condition. This is because recently I noticed that the rear tyre will produce a "dhup" sound which is audible when driving slowly in a lonely road. It somehow made me worried due to the high possibility of tyre lump. As people might know, when a tyre has a lump, the higher its possibility to go burst while driving.

As my sweetheart is a type that likes to drive as fast as she could, this factor had me worried even more. Although during my years of driving experience, I never encounter any tyre burst while driving. But nevertheless, if anyone had seen any video related to any incident with tyre burst while driving, you will know that the accident will be a life threatening.

Anyhow, it is better safe than sorry. We head to the nearest tyre shop to her house. As I explained the situation to the mechanics, they just simply check the tyres by hand and visually. Somehow I felt like they are not serious checking on it. As I expected, they straight away declared that all tyres are not safe, let alone to try to identify which one is the real culprit. What the heck, so sloppy. So I just pretend to ask a few new tyre price while talked my way out from the shop. Huh. Nevertheless, the price of the new tyres are acceptable though..

Anyway, done with that. So time to send her back home. Initially I were suppose to go back home first since the party will start at 4pm. But... I end up staying and helping with the preparation. Frankly speaking, I already decided to do so from the beginning, that's why I bring extra clothes inside my car hehe.

My role? Pumping up the balloons! You can't have birthday party without a cake can't you? Haha. As I kept pumping the balloons, it was an odd feeling. I mean, out of random I were  actually helping casually in my in-law going-to-be house. They are a very nice bunch of people, and lively as well so to speak. All the time I was thinking "one day I gonna live with them eh" :)

The preparation was hectic.  I hurt myself on the process. Yup, one of my fingers bled due to the balloons. Although logically it sounds like not possible, but it really did. There was a small cut on my finger. I suspect it happened as I were tightening the balloons. The over-stretched rubber became somewhat sharp and eventually sliced my skin over the time. Nothing serious anyway.

Once the clock ticks to 4PM,  the party is underway! But to be greeted with a sudden thunderstorm huhu. Due to their arrangements, the BBQ station had to be placed in an open space. So rain means no BBQ. During that nick of time, I remembered that my dad had a few of big umbrellas that you can always see during night market. So I went back to my house in order to get the umbrellas. Thank God, that thing was a life saver and the party continues :D

As usual, I was trigger-happy with my camera, shooting away like there is no tomorrow. The party was good. Plenty of people. So it was busy the entire time. Below are the rest of the pictures that taken during the party:

The party lasted till the sundown. The foods was enough for everyone, and most important it was delicious :D  The  birthday girl as you can see, got tons of gifts. I wonder where she gonna keep all those haha. Anyway, it was a tiring but fun event. Too bad I can't eat too much due to my father-in-law-going-to-be already made me ate 2 plates of rice earlier around noon T_T

My sweetheart looked dead tired by the end of the day. But somehow it paid off after seeing her niece opened her birthday present :)

One thing about this party, everyone will startled whenever they saw the birthday cake ahahaha. A good example like the picture below:
"Oh My God!!!" ahahaha
Anyhow, it was a blast. I wonder next year how is it going to be? Hehe, till then ;)


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