09 October 2012

My Birthday Eve Celebration

Yep, I just celebrated my 28th birthday a few days ago :D A year older by date, yet I felt I'm still the same old me haha.

So my sweetheart and I decided to celebrate it as usual, but at a different place. Last year we celebrated at a Korean restaurant called The Street Cafe at Petaling Jaya. This time my birthday fell on weekdays, so I have decided that we will celebrate somewhere near her workplace. So the destination was... Penang (ok, not really thaaat near) haha.

Penang is famous for one thing, it is a food heaven. Thus this trip is obviously about food, mind you.

The journey started with me hopping in the KTM ETS from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. This has become my favorite method of transportation to Ipoh due to its close accessibility to her workplace. It is also quite fast compared to the bus, although the bus is half cheaper.

We stopped by at MCD for the prize opening ceremony haha:

More pictures and stories after the jump!

Laugh as much as you want when you saw my birthday present lol. But nevertheless, that present has a reason on its own, but I'm not telling haha. Thanks to my sweetheart for the present and also the most gigantic card that I've ever got for my birthday *_*

Before moving on, it wouldn't hurt to pose a bit beside the drive-thru counter wouldn't we? Haha. I swear a few people might have thrown up while looking at us xD

...and the journey continued to the next day. We already made our way to the main island of Penang early in the morning. Actually I planned to have breakfast at the Esplanade near the old Padang Kota Lama's food court. Over there I planned to eat the famous Mee Sotong and Coconut Shake. But to our disappointment, the shop only open during lunchtime afterwards. Too bad for us. I guess I have to plan it for my next visit.

So had to change plan for breakfast. As we had little choices, we head to our favorite restaurant, Restoran Kapitan, somewhere near the Persiaran Gurney (not exactly at the Persiaran Gurney road). We ordered Tosai  Masalla and Onion Tosai for breakfast :)

Once done with breakfast, we headed straight for the Gurney Plaza shopping mall. Who on earth would go to a shopping mall at 9.30am except us? Haha, we got too much time to spare. Over there, we did some shopping and windows shopping as well. After circling the shopping mall for 3 hours, the biology clock is signalling for the much awaited lunch :D

Where you might ask  we had our lunch? It was indeed still at Kapitan restaurant haha. I wonder if those workers recognize our face since we just came 3 hours ago for breakfast haha. Nevertheless, their foods are awesome. I can't find a better place to eat a Tandoori Chicken anywhere in Malaysia. Their Tandoori Chicken is simply superb, marinated to perfection :D

So below are the list and picture of the foods we ordered:
- Mango Lassi (drink)
- Briyani Rice with Chicken Tandoori
- Briyani Rice with Chicken Milani
- Mutton Tikka Masalla

The taste was awesome, truly delicious. The Tandoori and Milani are at the deliciousness league on their own. It was the first time that I ordered the Mutton Tikka Masalla. The dish didn't disappointed us at all. The masalla aroma filled up our table while the mutton's texture were so damn tender >.< Special thanks to my sweetheart for modifying the menu haha. Originally the dish was suppose to be Chicken Tikka Masalla. But since both of us already had chicken in our main dish, we want something different. Hence she simply gave order to them to change it, like a boss ahahaha.

Once the entire of our foods have been served, it is time to unfold my birthday cake, yey!!!

This year birthday cake was a Tiramisu cake that we bought at the Gurney Plaza. By the way, we only bought a slice, mind you. Obviously we expected that we are not capable of eating an entire cake and we glad we did haha. You can see above how much we ordered for lunch and you expect us to eat a whole cake?? Dream on hahaha. It was lunch time, so there are a lot of people inside the restaurant, but we don't give a damned and continued our little celebration haha.

After getting our stomach full, we headed to our next destination, Queensbay Mall  for another objective of our trip. This time it do not involved any food, but the objective will remain a secret for now ;)

After spending a whole day at Penang, the little adventure were taking its toll to my body. I became very sleepy and barely can hold on. So I had to gave up my driving seat to sweetheart to drive all the way back to Ipoh @_@

Overall it was a valuable trip. Both of us enjoyed our moments there. The foods were marvellous. Thanks again sweetheart for the card and the gift ;)


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