30 October 2012

The day when I tried to be a hero

In one fine weekend, I have made arrangements with my sweetheart that I will be coming over on 19/10/12 until 21/10/12, mainly due to the Pre-marriage certificate that we need to take. Originally I have decided to came at Friday and spend the time with her before our 2 days of packed-schedule pre-marriage course.

I knew she was dying to see me, so do I obviously. So what I had in mind "How about if I try to give her a surprise visit which 1 day earlier than scheduled?" It sounded like a good idea which somehow suicidal as well (due to lack of sleep). Do I look I care? Nope. So let's move on with the plan :D

Thursday, I finished my previous night shift at 7.30AM as usual. Once punched out, my next destination was KL Sentral. I had to reach there before 10AM. If I failed to mention, I have bought a KTM ETS ticket which depart on tomorrow. Based on KTM rules and regulations, I'm still able to modify the date if I make the changes 24 hours before the departure date and time.

A journey that seemed to be simple as taking the free GoKL bus all the way to Pasar Seni, then hopping the Kelana Jaya Line LRT to KL Sentral, turned out to be not as so easy as I thought. My first predicament, the LRT had some signalling malfunction in one of their stations. So the LRT will move slower and stops longer. Out of all the time in the world, why it has to be on that time which I really need to use one >.<

Problems during people are rushing to work is very bad. You can expect the massive crowd gathering at the station. The first train came, which was a 2-coach train. It looks so packed like a sardine can I swear. I decided to skip the trouble of fighting my way through to that impossible tube of people. I took my chance to take an empty queue that were left by people that want to fight their way into the incoming train.

As the train took off with dozens of hopeless salary men and women which had face of imagining self to be scolded by their boss when they are late, I stayed there and getting worried as time is ticking.

After like waiting for another 20 minutes, another train came. This time it was a 4-coach LRT, which I should have enough luck to wedge in. Indeed, I was barely inside as the door was closing. Thank God for that. I headed to KL Sentral and managed to exchange my ticket on time :D

Next objective, urgent packing like there is no tomorrow haha. Since I just changed my schedule, obviously I still haven't packed. So the moment I reached home, I packed my stuff frantically. Somehow I managed to complete it all before noon, then went straight away to the commuter station and parked my car  there. At this point, my consciousness is slipping away due to lack of sleep.

The moment I stepped on the platform, a second predicament happened. There was an announcement by the KTM that there was been a technical problem at Putra station, so all train will be delayed around 30 minutes and more (the next day I found out that one of the KTM commuter train got derailed there, no one injured). At this point, I was in dismay. My ETS train were suppose to reach Ipoh by 4.16PM. If they were delayed and late, so I had to confess to my sweetheart that I'm coming over = which means no surprise element :(

Do or die, that's how I decided to move on. I safely arrived at the KL Sentral and waited, waited, and waited. As the clock ticks to 2PM, I realized that the train is still not here, which means my surprise visit is slipping farther away x_x

By the time set to 2.20PM, the train finally arrived and we all hopped in like a mob. As the ETS moved on, it stuck for a while before the Putra station as I expected. After like 10 minutes or more waiting relentlessly, the train finally moved on. Obviously I was behind schedule.

Back to the reality, I still haven't got my nap. I also told my sweetheart that I'll be waking up before 4PM. I don't want her to find out that I'm inside a train. So what I did, is to text her first, preventing her to give me a wake up call. Next, to make sure that I look busy so that she won't have the urge to call me before I reach Ipoh. I had to made up some stories about helping my dad hehe.

While I was 'busy-helping-dad' acting,  I gave her a few weird orders, like don't go back with friends, just stay there until i say so. Ermmm it was necessary for me, or else she would go back. But thanks to that, she started to had  some suspicion on me.

Whatever!  My train reached Ipoh around 4.50PM. The time is running out. I dashed as fast as I can after the door were opened, together with my big bag. I almost stumbled down as I missed my steps. I also had to buy a bit more time. So what I did, called her while I was running, telling her I'm about to reach home so that I can talk to her properly. As I were running, my breath became heavy and I was literally panting all over the phone. Although this was unexpected tactic, but it did bought some time as  she was listening and waiting.

I ran with all my might to reach in front of her office door. Honestly, I did plan for a grand and graceful appearance, but screw it hahaha. Knocked her door, then I saw the face which didn't believe which ghost had appeared in front of her ahahahaha xD Well mind you, I was running like crazytill her doorstep, so there is no way for me to make a grand and graceful entrance. All she got, is one dead-tired-out-of-breath darling ahahaha.

But I have to say, the surprise still did worked despite the predicaments that I faced. What I got, was that priceless face of her looking at me :) "Surprise sweetheart! Fancy seeing me today instead of tomorrow?" Hehe ;)

So we continue enjoying the rest of the day. I shall save the story about the pre-marriage course on the next update. For now, below are some of the foods we ate over the days I stayed there, Pancake House at Station 18 and Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung:

The foods were good. The tacos was delicious. The pancake are moistly soft. As for the Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung, it is something that worth to try. The rice and sambal mixed well, while the Ayam Kampung is cooked to perfection. Half quarter chicken per plate, a generous offer. Would recommend you to try it. The boiled clam, nah, not up to the par.

But I have to say, the predicament doesn't end there. Next thing I know, her car's battery decided to gave out. It was indeed very old and waiting time for replacement. We had to ask for help from her friends Wawa and Kak Rem for jumper cable. They were a lifesaver. Despite the time were already quite late for a normal workshop to open, we managed to find one near the Silibin area. It was a sheer luck, but both of us thought that God had helped us on that one. Managed to change the batter, life move one.

What a day it was, with I myself that running out of juice as reaching over than 24 hours without sleep. Until the next update...



Linda said...

"kenapa u datang?" hahaha

Awang said...

"surprise!!!! *fuuh fuuh fuuh fuuh* "ahahaha

Linda said...

sian... :-)

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