19 November 2012

A Feast at Seoul Garden with Budin

It has been ages that a good friend of mine Budin, wanted to try to go to the Seoul Garden. It is not a place somewhere in Korea, mind you. It is a buffet restaurant which provides korean-theme cuisine, bbq and steamboat.

There were a few attempts made by us to go there. But somehow, there was always something that happened which made us canceled our plans. After constant nagging and several misfortunes in our previous try, finally we had this chance. Despite I need to go for my night shift later, but what the heck. We live for food, so screw the job haha

and let the feast begin!
Various kind of bbq flavor
So we decided to head to the nearest branch which in IOI Mall, Puchong, on the 25th October 2012.

We went in as early as 12.30pm and we finished at 3.30pm. That was the longest ever I had spend time during a buffet. We ate, chilled, and ate again xD Frankly, we made sure that we ate worth what we are paying haha

One of the chilli sauce
Eating time :D
Some of the choices for steamboat
Some of the choices for bbq
But of course, it was not just normal dine-in. We had a  little photoshoot while eating. Budin brought over his beloved (lol) Danbo model. For those that don't know what is Danbo, please head over to Google, okay?

Danbo photoshooting
I swore that some people passed by threw their weird face to us. I guess it is normal when you seeing 2 middle aged adults trying to take picture of a toy xD But do we give a damn? Nope. For me, it is something that we do it for fun. But of course I have no intention in getting one, but I don't mind having a subject for photography. That is what a photographer should be, focusing on their subject :)

Anyway, below is the result of the photoshoot:

We shall return!


1 comment: said...

what a lovely and hearty feast this must have been with such amazing food. i would love to joint it as well. thank you for posting with this

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