10 November 2012

Pre Marriage Certification Course

*this is the continuation from The day I tried to be a hero's post*

As we planned on getting married, there are a few criteria and steps that needs to be done. First of all, we need to get a certification that we had attend the Pre-marriage course. This course is endorsed by the Malaysian's islamic constitution and they made it as a prerequisite before getting married.

Enough with the introduction, lets get back to the main story :s

I spent the night at a budget hotel near Medan Gopeng, Ipoh. The rent there was RM33 per night, so I paid for 3 straight night. Being a cheap budget hotel, basically you will get a small room but with an air conditioner. The bathroom is shared. But the bad thing is, you can overheard your neighbour passionately making love LOL.

Anyhow, moving on.

We started the day quite early, in fact even earlier than a normal working hour. The course were held at Hasani Management in Ipoh. They had a few branches throughout northern Malaysia. Below are their pamphlet:

Click below for more stories and pictures:
As you can see, the activity started as early as 7.30AM due to registration process. Then followed by a non-stop series of speeches and presentations. The classroom was decent, in term of air conditioning. But I guess when taking this kind of thing at a rural area, you are bound to be grouped together with annoying bunch of kids.

The class on that weekend were practically full. If I'm not mistaken, around 160 peoples took part.

Looks like someone fully prepared to sleep during the class hehe.

For each day, we were given a RM4 daily coupon for meals. Honestly, I don't think it is enough. Heck they even said that we need to add more money if what we eat is not enough. It is questionable why Hasani didn't provide a  coupon for a complete meal, or they should just provide the meals to us directly. So my sweetheart and I end up went a bit further for lunch. For your information, I still keep my coupons till now...

The problem doesn't end there. The washroom also is quite questionable. You got a room full with 160 people, but only 4 washrooms available which 2 for each sexes. Frankly, it is not enough. During short break, people queuing like mad >.<  Then pity my sweetheart when she was been told by one of the staff using an unnecessary remarks.  Eventually we put all the complains to their feedback form as below:

Moving on.. For those that most probably heard from their friends that went to the course earlier, you might hear something like "i slept during the whole course". Apparently the old syllabus only consist of speeches till the end of the day.

But for the new syllabus, there is a wonderful thing called "exam". Yes, you heard me right, exam. 

I guess due to people are sleeping like there is no tomorrow during the course, they decided to make the exam in the new syllabus >.< But then, the questions are pretty easy. But seriously, I don't get it. Why there is no specific time limit to answer the questions? Why participants end up marking their own papers? It was  pretty much stupid really. I got the feeling whether you passed or failed the exam, you will still get your certificate =.=

Oh well...

It doesn't matter to me anymore. As long as I got the certificate, that is all  matters :D

So now both my sweetheart and I are ready to get married hehe :D But that have to wait. Plenty of things that need to be done first.

Anyway, once we got the certification, it is time for me to end my 4 days of holiday in Ipoh. That night I decided to take the bus and sleep my way at the office. I had to work in the coming Monday morning shift. Sleeping there was the best choice for me. So we exchanged goodbyes and promised to see each other again soon.

Hopefully I can give her another surprise, hehe. Until then.



Linda said...

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong ------>

lagu berjaya dapat cert kursus...hahaha

Awang said...

haha sempat lak cari lirik yg sesuai. Lagu tu patut reserve untuk benda lain :p

Linda said...

benda apa???? :P

Awang said...

benda... yang bersinar2 :p

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