13 December 2012

Risik-Merisik Tradition: Awang & Linda

By the blessing from Allah S.W.T. my family had finally met my sweetheart's family on 27th October 2012 which a day after the Aidiladha celebration.

This is the first step in Malay tradition of getting married. According to Malay custom, the "Merisik" (in English means "spying") is a tradition whereby the boy's family went to the girl's house and met her parents. Then the boy's parents will ask the girl's parents that their son is interested with their daughter  So they wanted to know whether the girl is available or not. Back in old days, the boy and the girl usually never know each other. But now... oh well, lets call it modernization and globalization :p 

During the visit, everything went smoothly despite heavy rain before departing. My dad... well, did the expected, by remaining silenced and petrified hahaha. Frankly speaking, he don't know how to speak and act. It was his first after all. As for my mum, she was able to represent my family. According to the tradition, the boy is not supposed to be there, but I was there as well. But I just remained quiet and took the photos :)

By tradition, if the girl declares that she is available and agreed  to accept  the boy's wish, then the boy's side will give a small ring as a mark. The girl will wear this ring till the engagement day. This is to indicates that she is already not available ;)

Anyhow, enjoy the collection of pictures below, taken and edit by me:

Next, our engagement day which is set on 2013. Now it is time to start getting to know better regarding my future in-laws. As far as I knew them, they are a great and lively bunch of people. I really felt the warm welcome from them to their family. Hope she is the one that meant for me. Insya-Allah. Until that time, stay tuned for more ;)


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